Do you love good wines? Do you like good food? Do you like visiting medieval castles or are you rather sporty and like cycling or going for a walk through the wineyards?

In short, are you what is called a "bon-vivant"?

Well, then you have arrived at the perfect location!


Burgundy is namely the place to be when it comes to delicious wine & food and to spend a breathtaking holiday in the wineyards.


We have two beautiful houses available for rent in Montceau-et-Echarnant, which is located in Burgundy at about 20km (about 12.5miles) from Beaune.


Both houses are located only 50m away from each other, and offer therefore the ideal possibility to spend your holidays with families & friends.



One of the two houses has a heated swimming pool and has a capacity of 6-8 people and is traditionally decorated with Burgundian floors and a Burgundian mantelpiece.
There are 2 small, comfortable bathrooms (one with bathtub & sink and another one with shower & sink). There is also a cot available. For pictures, please click here.


The other house has a big garden, a herb & flower garden and a wine cellar and has a capacity of up to 6 people. This house has a large living room, large bedrooms and 1 bathroom with shower and sink. For the kids, there is a sandpit, as well as a (Satellite) TV with DVD-player.
There is also a cot available. For pictures, please click here.


In addition, we also have 8 bikes available, so that you can cycle all day long through the wineyards.


If you would like to book one (or both) house(s), please check the availability here.

Living like God in France starts here!